Humor-Filled Housewarming Messages

Moving to a new home has never been so arduous considering the packing and unpacking of your stuff, especially if you’re the type of person who has some personal collections over obsessed movies, tv series, or books, or if you have a hoarded some stuff since childhood. For you  not to feel the stress of moving out to a new home then you may want to throw a party to your new house and invite random guests from the new neighborhood.

This article offers sample messages of housewarming messages embedded with humor to let the neighbors know your personality which is a ball of fun. In creating a  housewarming message the tone to be used should be inviting and humorous so that the new neighbors would get a glimpse of your personality before even meeting them. If you see that there is a need in changing some of the phrases for you to add some lines it, then you are at full liberty in doing so.

  • A home on the first day should shelter the happiness of its neighborhood to build a pleasant relationship with them. We invite you to relish in the festivities of our humble home tonight. May you all come with empty stomachs for this family is so much willing to feed them with lavish dishes.
  • A pleasant afternoon to the reader, we wish your presence to be summoned in our house tomorrow night for it is our desire to fill this new house of ours to radiate with enthusiastic joy from our dearest new neighbors. The party will start at seven sharp in the evening, if you come in late cheap wines will be served to you.
  • The gates of my new home will be open Thursday afternoon till midnight to welcome the new neighborhood, and for these eyes of mine to witness the beauty of both men and women that takes shelter from the vicinity of this small town. Since I am a die hard fan Vampire movies, everyone is expected to dress as such in their most prime vampire suits.

There are two types of housewarming messages, the first type are what’s shown above and the second type of it is congratulating a person for having moved into a new home. These messages may be sent in a card for the sake of formality, or  you may simply send them a text message or message them through the various social media sites.

  • I suppose one of the reasons of your moving out from here is because of the loud bragging mouth of my roommate. May you find the peace and serenity that your heart has been seeking for a long time.
  •  I would like to congratulate you on your successful move. May your house ooze with everything positive in this life so you will be committed to the best lifestyle.
  • I simply can’t wait to take a look in your house’s interior so that I may plan a mess that is soon to be wreaked once I get there. I hope you are showered with a blissful life in your new house and may your patience run thick now.

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