I Like You SMS Messages

I Like You SMS messages are those sweet flirty love-filled messages that are sent through SMS to express that a person has a big time crush on his / her loved one. The tone of these messages can be flirty but must exhibit the true feelings that the person harbors for his / her crush. These messages can serve as an excellent start of dialogue between both parties before the crush finally blossoming into a serious relationship.

Some samples of I Like you SMS messages are given below for reference.

Sample I Like You SMS Messages

I Like You SMS Messages

[notice noticeType=”info” ]When you are around I feel delighted when you are near I feel elated. When you are around I over joy, when you are around I experience feel bouncy and high. I guess all these indicate that our friendship has moved a step ahead. Girl I guess I really like you!![/notice]

  • My increasing heart beat and shivering body pulled me to the doctor and all he suggested me to go and admit my crush to you girl. I really like you from the bottom of my heart.
  • The antennas of my heart are receiving some signals from the Wi-Fi of your heart and it’s a high time that we get connected. I like you boy!!

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]Is sky blue, are roses red? Does rabbit loves carrot and fish loves water? If the answer of all these questions is obvious then one more question with an obvious answer is that do I really like you?[/notice]

  • Every time I meet you a silent syndrome develops in the bottom of my heart. I guess this crush of mine is forcing me to admit that I really like you.

[blockquote]Even though when I am miles away from you, my heart is still sticking to you and it’s always want to be by your side. I am sure I like you.[/blockquote]

  • I am scared to admit the fact that I have a crush on you but even when I do not admit it I am still scared. So the thundering inside my mind leaves me nowhere and trust me girl I really like you.
  • You are my best friend and we have been together from a very long time. But the transforming feelings of my hearts say that I want you to be mine. I like you Boy, do you feel the same?

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