Best I Miss You Messages

Best I miss you messages are the kinds of messages which are written to express that the sender is really missing the recipient. These kinds of messages are really heart touching and must be framed in a tone which truly expresses the feelings of the sender. These types of messages can be sent to a friend, partner, colleague or any dear one.  If you wish to write an I miss you message, then you can refer to the following given examples of best I miss you messages:

Sample Best I Miss You Messages

  • It is difficult to live life without you as each day seems endless and nights are even worse. Please come back to this city again because I miss you a lot and cannot continue living without you.
  • Being without you is like being without a breath of fresh air. You give my life meaning and without you I am like desert without sand. I miss you from the bottom of my heart and want you close to me at all times.
  • Dear friend, all of us at the hostel miss you a lot ever since you have left and gone. Please come back to us again so that we can again have all the fun that we used to have when you were here.
  • Missing you is the worst part of staying away from you. I can bear the lonely days, I can bear the empty house and I can bear the endless nights but what I can’t take is that I have to miss you all day and all night.
  • Living without you is like living away from my own self. I am so used to living with you and being with you at all times that being away from you is taking a toll on me. I miss you a lot and wish you were here.
  • Wish you were here with me in this difficult time of life. I miss you a lot and it is difficult to spend these days without you being on my side.
  • Dear daughter, ever since you have married and gone away, the house has become empty and all of us have become sad. We all miss you a lot and hope you are leading your life happily and in a lot of love.
  • Being without you even for 2 minutes is like a punishment. So come back to me as I miss you a lot.

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