Funny I Miss You Messages

Funny I miss you messages, as the name suggests are the types of messages which are funny in nature and are meant to tell the recipient that the sender is missing him/her. These messages can be sent by various means such as SMS, greeting cards, emails etc and are sent with the single purpose of expressing heartfelt feelings to the recipient.

These messages must sound funny and must have a humorous element to them. Funny I miss you messages must not be very lengthy and should not take more than a few lines. A few examples of funny I miss you messages have been given below.

Sample Funny I Miss You Messages

  • Dear friend, even though I am really glad that you have gone away from this city and are letting us live in peace now, but to be honest we all miss you a lot and wish you could come back. But do remember to go back again soon so that we can miss you again!
  • It is difficult to imagine how I could miss someone who has irritated me so much all through my life. But as they say, we miss those who have attached their special memories with us and given us a lot to think about.
  • Hi sweetheart, I am finding it hard to confess how much I am missing you every day. Your presence was definitely irritating, time consuming and stressing but your absence is worse. So please come back to me soon and start making me mad again.
  • There is no one else in my life who has given me a harder time than you have. But even then it is you who I miss most while I am away. I wish this trip ends soon and I can come back to you again.
  • You are surely funny, crazy, absolutely nonsensical but despite of all these things, you are someone who I love the most and I miss the most whenever I am not with you. Your presence means a lot so come back.
  • Now that you are away, I can finally relax and start enjoying life. But to be honest, however unnerving your presence was, I liked it and now I am missing it. Hope to see you back again soon.
  • Dear little brother, I am missing your sense of humour, your awful taste of music and songs and our endless talking sessions.

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