I Miss You Messages for Boyfriend

I miss you messages for boyfriend are such messages that are framed with the utmost feelings of love, care and passion for a boyfriend and are sent to make let him know that he is an important part of your life. During the middle of a day or at the time of the night, sending an “I miss you” message to your boyfriend can really stir his heart. One can use mediums like sms, letters, emails, cards or social media to convey their messages. Some samples of these messages are given below.

Sample I Miss You Messages for Boyfriend

  • At this point of time, I just wish if I could make you mine. I am missing you a lot.
  • The day you met, I should have drafted a “boyfriend contract”, mentioning that it’s compulsory to meet once in the entire day. I keep on missing you always. Miss you!
  • I just wish if I could have you all through. I am not able to sleep as I am deeply thinking about you. I am madly in love with you and I am crazily missing you.
  • I feel myself as a lie when I am not with you. I feel that I cam called a rumour that is not true. I miss my love without you like a sky that always misses its blue. I really miss you.
  • You are my one true live whom I miss so much. You are my adorable partner who has a cutest touch. I miss every little thing that you do for me; your presence makes me happy and glee. I miss you.
  • Without you, I am incomplete. Without you, my heart forgets to beat. The feelings that I have for you, I just can’t fake it, I miss you the most and I just can’t take it. I miss you!
  • Without you, I feel like a fish feels without water, as the bread tastes without butter, as a mother feels without a daughter and as a cloud that holds no water. Promise me that you will always stay near, I really miss you my dear!
  • You are the best thing that I have ever found. You are the one who always remains on my mind, in and around. In everything that I do, I end up missing you. I love you and I am deeply thinking about you.

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