I Miss You Messages for Ex-Boyfriend

When a girlfriend and a boyfriend part ways with each other, some feelings of love and care still resides in them. I miss you messages for ex boyfriend are the messages that are sent when a girl wishes to tell to her ex boyfriend, that he is still in her thoughts. Such messages are the gentle reminders of the lost memories that a girl had with her ex boyfriend. The messages are drafted with a heart full of emotions to let the ex-boyfriend know that he is being remembered and missed.

Sample I Miss You Messages for Ex-Boyfriend

  • I miss the time when you were with me like a sun with its sunshine. I miss your hands, holding which, I always felt so happy and glad. I can never forget you ever, I keep on thinking about you, and I dearly miss you.
  • I wish if I could call you to tell you how badly I miss you. No doubts that time has passed by but the love that I have for you will always be seen in my eyes. I wish if we could last forever, I miss you a lot my dear.
  • Lost are the memories and lost is our love; to me you were a divine blessing from above. I can never forget the days when you made me feel so special, I can never forget the way with which you used to cuddle. I miss you!
  • I miss you to an extent that I can’t really tell you. I have some memories that I will miss all through. I miss you!
  • I lay on bed thinking what we used to be. I just can’t believe that it’s all over and you have happily moved on without me. I dearly miss you and the moments of our love, I will always consider you as a blessing from above. I miss you!
  • I hope that the new girl in your life treats you well, whenever I think about you, my heart sinks and it gets swelled. I still miss you even when I know that that you have walked through. I miss you!
  • I do not really care that you do not really care that I miss you. You always stay on my mind and this will happen all through. I still want to be with you, but I know that you have moved on with someone new. I miss you.

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