I Miss You Messages for Ex-Girlfriend

I miss you messages for ex girlfriend are the warm messages that a person sends to his ex girlfriend to let her know that she is being missed. These types of messages must be framed using words of love, care and concern and can be sent through letters, greetings, SMS and other means.  Some samples are given below for reference.

Sample I Miss You Messages for Ex-Girlfriend

  • I don’t think that there is something wrong in missing you. If there is something wrong, you can come back to me and make the things alright. I miss you all day and all night. Miss you!
  • I have always loved you like my own princess. The day you left me was the day when I lost my happiness. Ever since then, I miss you and your warm presence. I dearly miss your style and your divine essence. Miss you!
  • I survive on the hopes that you will once again look back to me. I live on the memories when we were happy and glee. I just cannot take you out of my mind; I have always loved you like a mother loves her child. I miss you.
  • I cannot believe that our togetherness has become the matter of the past. I always wished that our love would forever last. I have considered you as the most important part of my life; I miss you all through the night and till the early sunrise.
  • Your absence makes me cry and forgetting you is something that I do not even want to try. You live inside my heart; I still miss you even when we are apart. I wish if you could come back to me, please know that you were the only one who could make me feel happy and glee. I miss you.
  • Whenever I look into your eyes, I just see a lot of hate for me. Whenever I look into my heart, I just see lot of love for you. These feelings will always sail through because I helplessly miss you.
  • I did not text you for a while to see if you could text me in your style. My heart sank one more time when I recalled that you are no more mine. I still miss you.
  • I know that our ways are separated now but I still miss you a lot. Please come back in my life my love. I miss you a lot.

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