I Miss You Messages for Her

I miss you messages for her are the messages that can be sent to your girlfriend, sister, mother, wife or any other female to convey that you miss her. These types of messages can be sent when the recipient is away from the sender for various reasons like holiday, meeting, studies, assignment, business and others. The messages should convey that the sender is remembering the recipient and missing him/her.

The messages can be sent through various mediums like email, letter, SMS, greetings or through social networking platform as well.  Some samples of I miss you messages for her are given below.

Sample I Miss You Messages for Her

  • Whenever I think about you, my heart skips a beat. All through a day, I wish if we could meet. I am missing you at this very moment, please know that I love you to a great extent. I miss you.
  • You are a dearest darling whose presence I can never forget. I miss you and I have no regrets. I miss the dimple on your pretty face; your simplicity is what I deeply embrace. I miss you.
  • I wish I could gather words and let you know that I miss you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to be and being with you is the best thing to be. I miss you darling, you are a diving blessing.
  • You have always acted like a sun in my day, a flower on my way, a star during the night and a moon shining so bright. You are so important to me; I miss you all the while.
  • You are like the waves in the oceans and like the beat in my heart. You are so dear to me and I can never set you apart. I miss you in everything that I do; I hope that you miss me too.
  • I am waiting for the time when I can call you mine. I am waiting for the day when you can send your love on my way. I deeply miss the moments of joys and laughter that we had together, I am going to miss you forever.
  • I miss your gentle smile and your sexiest style. I miss your warm aura and the way you hold my hand to walk for miles. I miss being with you, I wish to always stay close to you. I miss you sweetheart.

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