I Miss You Messages for Him

I miss you messages for him are the messages that are only sent to a male reader, to let him know that he is being remembered and missed. Such messages can be sent to your boyfriend, brother, father, a friend or any other male reader. The messages must express your thoughts and care towards the reader and must be framed in an impressive manner.

Sample I Miss You Messages for Him

  • I always miss the moments when you protected me. I thank GOD for giving me such a divine blessing. I miss you in all the moments of my life; you are the one who has always encouraged me to rise. I miss you.
  • A life without you is like an empty vase, waiting to be filled by a flower called YOU. Please know that I miss you.
  • Missing you is a feeling that is so easy to get but it is equally hard to handle. I miss you a lot.
  • Of you I am so fond; I miss you all day long. Of you I am so proud; you are the best person to be found. Of you I am so glad; I wish to hold your hand. I miss you a lot.
  • I miss all those moments when you stood by my side to hold my hand. I miss the moments when I vowed and made you my husband. I cannot manage to live without you; I am deeply fond of you. I miss you.
  • It is your presence that makes me miss you so much. I miss everything in you and the warmth of your gentle touch. You are really a dream come true, please know that I really miss you.
  • Whenever you are not around, I feel so low and down. Whenever you are not close, I feel so off and bored. I want you to be with me in everything that I do, I really miss you.
  • I miss the way you used to assure me of your love. I have always respected you like a blessing sent from above. I miss you each passing day; I love you in my own special way.
  • Dear brother, as you are away for your assignment I am missing you a lot at home. I am missing the fun times that we used to have and our long chats. Please complete your assignment and come back soon.

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