I Miss You Text Messages

I miss you text messages are those messages which are written to tell the recipient that the sender misses him/her. These messages are sent by the means of text messages or SMSs. I miss you text message must be able to express the heartfelt feelings of the sender. These types of messages can be sent to friends, colleagues, relatives or other loved ones. For your reference purpose, the following are a few examples of I miss you text messages:

Sample I Miss You Text Messages

  • Sometimes life puts us in a spot where we have to move away from our loved ones and choose to live a life separately from them.  In this tough time in my life, I miss you the most and am writing this message to tell you that I really love you.
  • I miss you dear friend and hope that we all can meet again and have fun just like the old times.
  • Missing you was never so tough for me but today, I feel that both of us have stayed apart for a long enough time now. I think it is time to get back together because I cannot stay even a single day away from you.
  • I miss the times when we were kids and used to be worryless. I miss the times and days of innocence and idleness. I miss my friends and I miss the fun games.
  • Even though it has just been one day since you went to another city, away from me, but I am already missing you a lot and cannot imagine how we are going to spend all these days away from each other.
  • Dear papa, life in this new city is fun and exciting but life without you and mom is really tough and unusual. I miss you and I miss everything about our house and city.
  • Dear mom, me and your daughter miss you a lot and wish you were here with us. We miss the food cooked by you and we miss the times when all of us sat together and watched TV. Wish to tell you that we love you and will be there with you soon.
  • Dear daughter, your absence has left a huge gap in my heart and no one else can fill this gap. I miss you terribly and wish you could be back with us soon.

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