I Really Miss You Text Messages

I really miss you text messages are those kinds of text messages which are written by one person to another in order to tell the receiver that the sender is really missing him/her. These messages must be framed in such a manner so that it conveys the true emotions of the sender.

These messages can be sent to partner, friends, relatives and other near and dear ones.  The messages can be sent through SMS, email, letter, social networking sites or through greeting cards. The following are a few examples of I really miss you text messages that can be used for reference.

Sample I Really Miss You Text Messages

  • Today, on the occasion of our 5th wedding anniversary when we are apart from each other, I am really and truly missing you. This is the day of celebration of our love and being away from you on this day makes me extremely sad. Please come back soon.
  • I have been really missing you lately and have been finding it difficult to pass these long and lonely days. Please come back to me and I promise to be really nice and loving to you.
  • In life, there comes a time when we really start missing someone a lot. I think for me that time has come and i am really missing you a lot. I think I want to be with you forever.
  • All these years that we have been together has made me get used to you, your talks, your laughter and your smile. So on this day when we are not together, I am missing you really very much and finding it difficult to express my feelings for you in words.
  • I am really missing you very much these days; I think I am falling for you.
  • Dear mom, I am missing you a lot today on your birthday when I couldn’t be with you to spend the day. Hope you will have a good time and celebrate your birthday with dad and brother.
  • I know it was my decision to move away but I am regretting it today because I am missing you a lot with all my heart. Let’s get back together.
  • Dear sister, I am missing the endless gossiping sessions, the long conversations and the reason less giggling and laughing with you. I am really missing you.

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