Missing You Love Messages

Missing you love messages are the messages which are written by a person to convey their feelings of love. The messages are used to let the one they love know that they are being missed as well. The sender must ensure that the message he/ she uses have a touch of warmth and a feeling of love towards the receiver.

Sample Missing You Love Messages


  • My dear husband, you keep going away for work and leaving me here alone. My mind understands that it is important but my heart keeps missing you. That’s what I wanted to say- I miss you my dear husband, come back as soon as possible.
  • The night outs are not nearly as much fun, the days are not nearly as bright and the work is way, way more boring than it has ever been. It’s all because I miss you so, so much that I cannot bear it any more. Dear love please come back home and we’ll work on the issues together.
  •  I never knew that loving someone could hurt so much, but then again I never imagined I’d be away from the one I love for such long durations. I cannot even completely put in words how much I have been missing you. I love you babe.
  • My love is amazing, my love is kind, he is generous and he is always there when I hit a blind. But right now he is not here; I miss him so much it’s really hard to bear. Love you baby and miss you even more.
  • You are the one who makes my life worth living, who makes me feel worthy of existing on this planet. There is no other reason for me to stick around but you. I miss you a lot babe, please come back home. I promise I will never do that again, I will never let you go.
  • Missing you my love, it is hard to concentrate on anything when you are not here. I am messing up my work, the house and the almost everything else these days. Hope that you will get back soon and I’d get my love and my concentration back.
  • Hey babe, I know that you are on work and are probably working hard. I hope that you finish all your work and come back home to me; I love you and miss you. With loads of love, Amy.

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