Missing You SMS Messages

Missing You SMS messages are messages that carry intense emotions for someone who is not around. These messages could be sent by a friend, family, lover, colleague or anyone who is missing their loved ones. The tone of these messages is casual but the intensity of love and care shown through words are very high in these messages. These SMS messages are delivered quickly and convince the receiver about the intentions of the sender.

Sample Missing You SMS messages

  • It is hard to forget those beautiful moments we have spent together, your love, care and affection is still fresh in my heart even though now we stay miles apart. I really Miss You Buddy, hope to meet you soon.
  • I may not be able to forgive you for everything you have done with me but I can also not forget you for everything you have really done for me. Miss You love!!
  • I can never stop loving you; I can never stop adoring you. I can never stop caring for you; I can never stop worshiping you. And all these reasons are enough to force me remember you, at each and every moment of my life. Missing you from the bottom of my heart.
  • The memories of our relationship are sweeter than sweet. The days we spent together were brighter than the sunlight. The wind that touched my face when I was with you is still incomparable. Come back love, life seems miserable without you and your love.
  • No matter how much ever I try to keep myself busy that cannot stop me from missing you. No matter how much ever I look happy from outside my heart inside sinks, actually without you. Life seems so meaningless without you and I feel so miserable. Miss you honey, you are the smile on my face and sparkle of my eyes.
  • My mind and heart are both filled with your memories. My days and nights are saturated with all your thoughts. Does that mean that I miss you a lot?
  • The most beautiful days and nights of my life are spent with you. The most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me is ‘You’. Trust me boy I really miss you.
  • We might always be in touch with each other but that does not stop me from missing you so much. Miss you love!!

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