Missing You Text Messages for Your Girlfriend

Missing you text messages for your girlfriend are cute miss you-feelings of the boyfriend for their lady love. Not only girls but even boys desperately miss their girlfriends when they are not around. Guys might not be able to express their feelings much but that does not mean that they are cold hearted people. These miss you messages will surely bring a smile on the face of the girlfriend. It is always good to express one’s feelings as that helps in strengthening the bond of love.

Sample missing you text messages for your girlfriend

  • Life becomes blue when you are away, I feel low and sad when you are away. Agony and torment captures me when you are away and I feel miserable when you are away. Does all this mean that I really miss you? Miss You Girl!!
  • As a boy I would be acting being smart and macho but I also miss you, it’s just that I will not show. But I have no shame to confess that without you my love, my life is totally meaningless. I miss you!!
  • Like a cute dog missing its bone, I feel disheartened when I am alone. Like a mouse who misses its nut without you my love life feels really like a rut. Miss you love!!
  • I know you miss me, you know I miss you. But there is nothing we can do about it. Within few days we will again be together till then keep missing me and just cheer up. Miss you baby!!
  • Hold on to things till we again unite, because once that happens everything will be alright!! I really miss you a lot.
  • Why do you leave me every morning and I need to work till the evening? Why life separates us even for a second why cannot we be together each and every second. I wish I could spend all my days with you, I wish we can always be together. Missing you love.
  • Being alone at home without you is haunting. Being alone for work without you is tormenting. Being alone at the dinner table without you is annoying and being alone without you is actually irritating. Miss You Baby, come back soon.
  • Missing you daily has become a hobby for me, Missing you daily has become an obsession. Missing you continuously has slowly become a fixation and I cannot stay without you even for a second. Miss you Darling!!

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