Romantic I Miss You Messages

Romantic I miss you messages are the messages that are sent to your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, to tell them that they are being missed. Such messages are framed with the feelings of love and care for your partner and express the consideration that you have for him or her. The messages must be drafted in such a manner so that it expresses the feelings of romance and love and let the reader know that he/she is deeply missed.

Sample Romantic I Miss You Messages

  • I miss the moments when you used to softly cuddle. I miss the words that made me feel so special. I miss everything in you, I really love you.
  • I miss you being around as you are the best thing that I have ever found. I miss your hand on my hand as it’s you who has always made me feel glad. I miss the essence of your gentle kiss; to me it is no less than a divine bliss. I miss you!
  • I am miss everything in you, especially your caring. I miss you every time, especially during those cold evenings. I wish to hold you tight; I miss you all day and all night. Miss you!
  • I just can’t hide from you anymore that you are the one whom I always adore. I always wish to keep you close to me; your presence is the only feeling that makes me feel happy and glee. I miss you.
  • Do you know why do I miss you so much? It is because of the love that you shower and because of the warmth of your gentle touch. I get lost when I think about our first kiss; it was the moment of pure bliss. I am missing you.
  • Please know that I am deeply missing you from head to toe. Please know that I have so much love for you that I will show. I keep on thinking about you all the time, I am so glad that you are mine. I miss you!
  • I am missing the time of our romance. Since you are not around, I feel like a flower without the fragrance. You are the one who has captured my heart; I cannot mange to set you apart. I miss you dearly!
  • My dear love, I am missing your gentle touch and your love. Please come back soon, I miss you.

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