Sad I Miss You Messages

Sad I miss you messages are the messages which have a sad tone attached to them and are used by a sender to say ‘I miss u’ to another person. Any message of this nature is generally sent through the medium of a text message or may also be sent through an email or a greeting card in some cases.

Sad I miss you messages must be heartfelt and should be able to convey the emotion of the sender towards the receiver. A few examples of sad I miss you messages have been given below for your help and reference.

Sample Sad I Miss You Messages

  • Going away from you has made me so sad and full of sorrow. I have become extremely low without your positive presence in my life. I really miss you a lot and wish to urge you to come back to me.
  • I am really missing you with every bit and piece of my heart. Each corner of my heart and life wants to be reunited to you because without you I am incomplete. My heart fills with sadness to see you go away.
  • Having you with me filled me with so much love and affection but now that you have gone away, I am left sad and full of negative thoughts. Please meet me once because I am missing you terribly.
  • Life always plays with us and moves us apart from those you matter the most. My life has done the same to me by taking you to another city which is so far from here. I have not smiled or laughed ever since you went. I am missing you a lot and wish that you were here with me.
  • I am writing this message with sorrow and sadness in my heart. I cannot live without you on my side and wish that we could be together again. I miss you with every shred of my being.
  • I am missing my mother a lot. So mom please try to come back home soon because without you our lives are dull, sad and very lonely.
  • On this occasion of our second anniversary, I am missing you a lot because this is the day which we should have spent together. I am feeling sad and really lonely.
  • Missing the most important person in my life a lot today with sadness in my heart.

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