Sincere I Miss You Messages for Ex Lovers

I miss you messages are sent to people who miss so much that it saddens you as your mind wanders in the boardwalk of solitary nostalgia. This type of message can be sent to your ex lovers, especially if you think that there is still a chance of winning his or her heart back and, thus, get to love your ex lover better this time. If you are looking for the most fitting and a well composed sincere I miss you message, this article will be highly beneficial to you then.

This article offers sincere I miss you messages for ex lovers for free to feed your heart’s longing of the past which you would want to relive in the present. These messages can be used at your leisure that you may even abuse them, though we suggest that you make some mild changes, especially if there is a huge difference in the circumstance cited. The changes you think of applying does not only limit to the circumstances, in fact you can change the words, phrases, and sentences if you see the necessity in doing so. It is important to carefully choose the fitting words in the composition for this sets the tone right and would give you a higher chance in re-obtaining his or her heart. The tone should be sincere, a little regretful (from the past failed relationship), loving, and affectionate. The message can be sent through sms text messages, social media sites that you are both connected, or can be written in the form of letter if you want to do it the conventional way.

  • Dear (name of your ex lover), I know it’s really weird to send you this letter knowing that we are both victims and suspects of the destruction of a promising relationship. This heart of mine needs to learn to tame itself for what it does all day and night is miss you and be sad because you are no longer there to suffice its sole need– your presence. Honest to goodness I have always thought that the breakup is always the worst and that the sadness it brings to a person is beyond the human mind can perceive. I was wrong. The aftermath of a breakup hurts the most because it feels like your heart continues to break when there is nothing left to break in it. Would a million apologies from a broken heart be ever enough to heal the scars? Because I can offer you that without being hesitant about it. If you give me another chance, I will do whatever I can so that we will only be victims of love and not the victims nor the suspect of its destruction.


  • Hello (name of your ex lover), allow me to tell what a life it has been for me i your absence. I am always up to no good and I am no longer inspired to dream new dreams. It had been a whole lot different when you were still around for you always urged me to become all the things which I aspired to be. I miss you and everything you do just to make my day and make me the happiest woman alive. I am fully aware that I had been a brat to you all along and I was the only one in the relationship who keeps you restrained from doing the things which you are so passionate about. I wish I could have reciprocated your good deeds, but I was so selfish and so full of myself. Two months of not talking makes me think that you have moved on and all that’s left of me is to validate all these assumptions as I walk into a cafe and see you filled with happiness over the happiness of another girl. I just miss you so bad and all I can do is wish is to rewind the past and fix all my faults for us to be together still in the present and in the future.


  • All my life I have been taught by my mom not too invest on a person too much for things might become sour and that you will only end up destroying yourself as you live every hour of the day blaming yourself for something which fate does not allow. I know now how it feels like; to be resorted in a state where you never desired to be; to be continuously in love with you when our goodbyes were uttered. I hate to admit that my mother was right, and a part of me wishes that I should have listened to my mom all along when your face invited the calling of love. But a greater part of me is really grateful that we both happened. I am sending you this letter to let you know how badly I am missing you. My senses are used to your presence and desire to sense it forever. I am really sorry for I was not able to do all things that you wish I could have done and I hope you understand the unspoken reasons regarding why I can’t be those things. I hope there’s still a chance for us to rebuild what was destroyed and to find what was lost.


  • Missing the person you adore the most is one of the most unpleasant feeling that this world offers with unnecessary generosity. You are the person dearest to my heart, even after the break up you still are the one so close to it. Maybe that is why it hurts more. As a person who practices the virtue of candor, despite the still growing hatred I have for you I can’t seem to control the longing of your love. I wish I could just simply forget your unforgivable act you did to me, but each time I see that face of yours my heart still aches as it reminisces what a fool I was for not seeing the devil in you earlier. I forgive you and understand why you did that, but I will never forget it even if I still love you. I miss you so much and I hate myself for doing so.


  • Losing you was a revelation to me about how incomplete my life is. You surely have inspired my system to release as much as dopamine as it can and I am certainly high with dopamine. Addicted even. The moment we decided we questioned the worth of staying was a deep pang in my heart, yet no matter how much I wanted you to stay I can’t force you in doing so because that would no longer be something you would enjoy, and the thing that makes me happy is making sure that you are. Missing you is perhaps the withdrawal symptoms from my addiction to dopamine induced by your existence. I hope you are doing fine even if I am no longer there to check on you every day. What I really want to say is I hope you don’t wander very far away from me because I want you back in my life and would do whatever it takes to keep you with me forever. I miss you everyday.


  • Songs of sadness reminds me so much of you, and every time a sad line from it is sang a lost memory of you and I haunts me. I still could not figure it out if it is either a dream or a nightmare. We sure did make a great couple back then that I was completely oblivious to the truth about the end of something great when I was with you, for you entranced me in so many ways. Maybe that is why the pain was just too much for me to bear because I did not expect an end to us, or perhaps I tried to live my life on my fantasy which was wrong. I was a fool for love yet I was the happiest fool alive. I miss everything about you and it hurts enough to break a heart bathed in confused sadness. If regrets were compared to money I would be the richest man in the world by then. But then again losing as priceless as you would still leave me in debts that a million lifetime can never afford to repay. I hope there is something that I can do to send you an invitation to my life again without you neglecting it.


  • A once loved heart is the thought that makes me wonder what did go wrong in a relationship that a heart no longer cares to see the potential in others as future lovers. I had always made sure that my heart would never get into trouble and chose you over a sea of loveless lovers for there was something in you that made me feel very alive. Sadly enough, our plans for the relationship can be forgotten any time now for there is no reason for us to stay in the relationship. Well at least I told you that two months ago. Currently, I miss you and, although there are others who are courting me, a part of me doesn’t want to be with anyone of them. They remind me so much of you, and it brings me to a fantasy where I didn’t say all of those hurtful words to keep you away from me. Honestly I was afraid. Not because of you, rather it’s because I  was afraid of love and how happy I was during the relationship. I expected that someday it would come to an end and both of us would not care what would happen to the remains of a tragic love story. I know it’s too late to realize what a wrong move it was to break up with you, but my once loved heart wants to love and be loved again only by you.


  • There is this feeling of desperation to be with someone you lost along the path because of a realization that a life without that someone special leads you to the eternal routes of hell. I am currently feeling this desperation to be with you once more, and I know that I can’t just ask for your presence and that the world will just grant me this wish, but how I desperately wish things could work out just like that. I admit that I had been a jerk throughout the whole relationship and have taken advantage of you. I deeply regret the action and I hate myself for doing such a thing to the perfect lover. My being ingrate did me no good and I have this dire wish that you alone have the power to grant it should you choose to do so. I want a second chance. Not only for me to have you back but to show you how worthy you are. I never got the chance to show you this but I sure will do it if given a chance. My heart just longs for your presence so much.


  • Call me the martyrs of all martyrs but I forgive you and all of your mistakes that had caused me great pain. I wish to forget them soon and I sure am trying my best in forgetting them for I busy myself with a variety of activities. I hope you could  just forgive for giving up too soon, I just thought the end of this relationship when I knew something about you and it was really selfish of me not to accept it when the act was something you developed even before I entered your life, yet you have accepted m wholeheartedly despite my flaws which I never even accepted myself. This regret of mine will surely haunt me forever. Thoughts of me not deserving of you already haunts me day and night and this sure does keep me up at night for I can’t seem to sleep the truth of it. Please reply to this message and don’t close your doors yet because I owe you a lot.


  • Good day, (name of your ex lover), first of all have been keeping this apology to myself and  I hate to admit that you were right how things could turn out with my decisions, but I never really expected that we’d grew apart because of it. I grieve from that day until now and I don’t really know it will stop because of living my life without you. You see I love you so much and I don’t know what occurred to me on the night we broke up that I just decided to let things slip away. I wish I could say I didn’t mean it but I don’t want to ever lie to you, and you know that. My yearning for your presence can be compared to those who continue to live a life of hopelessness. Please forgive me for my folly. I swear to never trade you again with my pride. Let me be your lover once more and I will prove to you that I am worthy of it by choosing your happiness over mine, and you need not worry about happiness for seeing you happy with me is my greatest contentment.


  • To someone so dear to me that I let go because of a petty reason, I know that a simple sorry isn’t enough to fix that broken heart of yours. I mean wouldn’t it be ironic to fix something that you fancied to break. This act is too stupid but I was stupid enough to start with when I broke your heart which only deserves to be loved. I know I neglected all your care and appreciation to me and that’s because I had gotten used to them ever since I was young. You always noticed something about me that you truly care about, even the most insignificant of things. You are the only one who noticed my trivial details yet I did not realize it sooner that you are everything I need in my life. I had it rough in my life and maybe that is why I easily ignore all those flattery, but every time you utter them I can sense the sincerity even with your closed eyes. You scared me so much that I did what I think is right for me to protect myself. I know you understand this because you alone know my darkest secret. There is just so many versions in convincing you to come back to me, I need the perfect one right now but my words don’t somehow go with my thoughts. Maybe all I have to say is I want you in my life back and then poof! you’ll be there, but I know that the damage I have inflicted on you demands a more detailed explanation which will break your broken heart. I am sorry to cause you so much pain that you never deserve, I hope there is something for me still to fix because I badly want to fix our destroyed relationship.

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