Inspirational Messages for the Uninspired

Inspirational messages are sent to persons in our circle if they are not in their grandest state due to factors of depression which makes life not worth living. If a member in your circle or two are experiencing the hardships which shakes the faith in their dreams then you can be someone who can do them the biggest favor by fortifying the faith in their dreams

This article offers various sample messages of inspirational messages to your uninspired friend or special someone to make them see the light that they have shunned away for reasons that they are solely focused on their failures. You can use these sample messages for free and changes in words or phrases may be applied if you see the necessity in it. For the inspirational message to be effective, the tone must be uplifting that highlights the achievements and the endless possible achievements that the receiver achieve once the trials and hardships die down.

  • You have made it very afar in life and are very close to achieving your dreams, don’t give up now that you are only a few steps in making those dreams come to life. You can always slow down your process but never ever give up for losing this kind of investment will haunt you with regret for the rest of your life.


  • Seeing you imagining your wishes in the future when we were young made you blush with the brightest of colors, yet seeing you in the now makes makes tell you all  the reason why there is a need to persist in your battles. The challenges may come in life the flow of a raging river and I know that you are trying your best to keep your feet grounded for the end of the road is the treasure of future’s happiness. With all certainty, you will not only joy in your success but, too, the learning you have gathered along the journey.


  • I see that you are trying to make a shelter out of nothing from a storm that you are drenched to. It is useless to shield yourself from it for this storm is the kind of storm which do not simply pass when not faced with courage. Show these storms what a beauty you are in the light of lightning and how graceful you are dancing to the rhythm of its thunder, and when this would come to a end you will see nothing but the rainbows and the welcoming warmth of the sun as a deserving reward.


  • Time has molded you from clay into something so intricate and, even when you are still years away from being completed, you are close to becoming a finished product worth looking at. Your rough edges are simply nothing to worry about for time can still make them fairer in time. These disasters in motion are necessary in treading the road of success and you will learn this in time.


  • To the ants who wish to be acquainted with the beauty of a rose, they need to start from the ground and be decisive regarding which stem should they take on to feel the smoothness and smell the fragrance of a rose. Along the way they will realize what tragedy awaits them for there is already the gravity which keeps their souls grounded and scared to commit to their dreams, but once they do then comes the thorns which is a gigantic prick to the ants but seen as merely non lethal to a human’s eye. I urge you to continue this journey of yours for I know that once you get to the top you will breathe the freshest of air and sleep in the smoothest of all that is smooth.


  • Why do you look for courage and inspiration in others? There is a need for you to evaluate yourself for maybe you have never realized this at all that your mind is like a garden is where inspirations grow at their most rapid and a heart that practices the courage to thrive on. Feel the greatness you possess within for there is so much more inside you worth exploring than others.


  • Stop complaining about the difficulty of the situation for this has been your choice. There is a need for you to calm your mind for the  complexity of a matter can never be deciphered with a mind that thinks only of the impossibility of the task being done. Clear all these assumptions and put your mind at ease so you can view the clarity of the problem.


  • Tides can change in any second of the time and it is a must to be prepared at all times. With your disheartened heart that is close to becoming similar to the cynics, it would be impossible for you to achieve your dreams now that it is close to your reach. Keep the enthusiasm and dedication burning for we all know that you will joy in the greatness of your nearing feat.

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