Inspirational Messages for Whatsapp

Sharing the words of inspiration and motivation can be done anywhere, but when your friend or dear one is not just beside you, whatsapp can be a good means to convey. Here are some well crafted inspirational messages for whatsapp that can be shared amongst friends and young generation just to share the wave of good work and optimism. Choose the one that you prefer and share amongst your friends and dear ones to attain praises.

Sample Inspirational messages for whatsapp

  • When you feel the darkness around look up to the sky and see the silver lines; the day will break after the night for sure!
  • When you feel happiness from within; you are actually touching beauty with your heart.
  • The human mind can make hell from heaven and heaven to hell; thus it’s all the way you think and perceive everything around!
  • Design your own happiness; you don’t need any architecture for that. You mind and soul is enough to give step by step instructions!
  • If you are able to change your thoughts, half of your problems will go and remaining half will not seem to be a problem then!
  • Love yourself first; only then the world will love you and you will be able to love the world!
  • Happiness can never reduce by sharing; just like one candle can lit thousands of candles in a line.
  • The world is a small place and we have very little time here – use every moment to keep yourself happy and also the people who matter to you.
  • Smiles are contagious…if you smile at someone it’s only another smile and surplus love that will be returned!
  • Truths are rarely soothing; so when you confront it be a brave heart and stay prepared for the worst!
  • If you want something in reality; prepare with stubbornness or else the difference between “wanting” and “wishing” will never be ruled out.
  • It not possible that you will serve the entire mankind – but doing your bit in your space will inspire hundreds around you for a greater serving act.
  • Hollow spaces make more noise; speak less, listen more and read most to make yourself ‘pregnant’ with knowledge.
  • The saturation point of tolerance should be decided by you, it can come after 5 minutes or never. The strength lies in your mind to let go …and not hold on!
  • Infidelity is something that hurts a person at his ego; not because you broke his trust but because he will no longer trust you.

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