1st Wedding Anniversary Invitation Messages

1st wedding anniversary invitation messages are ones that are sent by the couple to near and dear ones to invite them on the occasion of their 1st anniversary. These messages must have an inviting tone and must mention the details of the party.

Sample 1st Wedding Anniversary Invitation Messages

  • This is the happiest moment in our life when we celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Please join us to make it a memorable experience for our future life.
  • A year back, when we got married, we actually didn’t expect that we would have to face this much surprises in our married life. But, now on our first wedding anniversary, we are so happy to say that is quite interesting to have a look back. So we invite you to share our wonderful experience of one year long married life and celebrate the auspicious day with cake and wine.
  • Just like every couple, we also started our married life with lots of ambitions and dreams. But as our relationship has a strong basement of love and trust, we could overcome all the hazards and hardships that we faced in this one year. Anyway, now it is the time to enjoy and celebrate. So, please come and join with us to make our first wedding anniversary more colorful with dance and music.
  • Dear friends, we are planning to celebrate our first wedding anniversary at our home with music, dance, cake, wine and buffet style food. We hope you will be there with your family at right time to wish us.
  • We started to live together a year before thinking that we can be a perfect couple and we realise that we were true by completing a successful one year. Now we want to share our joy with our friends and relatives who pray for our good health and prosperous life. So, you are invited to come and have fun on our wedding anniversary.
  • Hi friends, Let us have a dinner and cocktails at our home on (date) to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Please don’t forget the date; we are anxiously waiting for you to make it colorful with music and dance.
  • It is certainly a matter to celebrate that we successfully completed one year of our married life. Please be our guest to make it special with your presence and blessings.
  • How can we celebrate our wedding anniversary with our friends who were with us in all our happiness and sorrows of our married life? Let us enjoy this special day with cake, wine and dance.

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