25th Wedding Anniversary Invitation Messages

25th wedding anniversary messages, as the name depicts, are sent by the couple seeking to celebrate their silver jubilee together to the near & dear ones.

The messages are mixture of lovely quotes, venue and required information. This message can be sent via greeting cards, phone texts and e-mails.     

Sample 25th Wedding Anniversary Invitation Messages:

[blockquote]We would love to have you join us in celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary! Date: 21-07-2011, time: 2.00 P.M, place: our residential address![/blockquote]

[blockquote]You are invited to join in the celebration of 25th years of love and marriage that began with a short walk and has continued on a wonderful journey to “Happily ever after”. Date: 16-11-2008, time: 5.00 P.M, place: Hotel Le Meridian, London.[/blockquote]

  • We are having a party to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We would be happy if you could join us on this special day! Date: 26-11-2003, time: 6.00 P.M. venue: scouts and guides hall, UK.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]Join us in celebrating our 25th years of marriage! We are celebrating a union that is 25 years strong. We hope you will join us in celebrating our life, love and joy! Date: 11-05-2009, time: 5.00 P.M. venue: 6th Avenue, London.[/notice]
  • 25th silver anniversary celebration! Please join us for this wonderful 25th wedding anniversary celebration! Date: 15-10-2012, time: 1.00 P.M, place: Castle Hotel, London.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]We, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pinto invite you to share our special day, as we celebrate the occasion of our 25th wedding anniversary Date: 31-09-2011, time: 2.00 P.M, place: our residential address![/notice]
  • It is the great occasion of enjoying our 25th marriage anniversary and to rejoice the days we have lived together.  The marriage anniversary is the perfect juncture to walk down the lane of wonderful memories. You are invited to attend our anniversary function at our resident at sharp 7pm.
  • Dear Martha & Tim! You are heartily invited to attend the function of our silver jubilee anniversary. We will be celebrating our 25th year together and recalling the beautiful moments we lived together! Your presence can help us to make it more enjoyable. Venue is as given:

Place: Buckingham Restaurant

Address: 23/ K, Sandra Lane, Near Bakers Lane, New York City, America.

Time: Sharp 6pm

  • The honour of your presence is requested as we,

Linda & Shane Smith

Are celebrating

The occasion of our 25th silver jubilee!

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

At Hotel Kinder lane

23/ K, Wing- D,

Dakota Hills, Toronto, Canada

  • Join us to make our 25th marriage anniversary more special as the company of dear friends like you is requested to celebrate together. I am looking forward to meet you there! The anniversary party venue is as following:

Country Club, Next to Blue Hills,

3rd street, Toronto, Canada

At 7pm, RSVP by: Carla & Will Peterson


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