Best Birthday Invitation Messages

Best birthday invitation messages are the kind of invitation messages which are written and sent to people so as to invite them for a birthday party.

These messages are written either by those who are celebrating their own birthday or by those who are organising the birthday party for their loved ones.

One must keep in mind that best birthday invitation messages can be ‘best’ if they are well framed and brief. Given below are a few samples of such best birthday invitation messages which are given for your reference purpose,

Sample Best Birthday Invitation Messages

  • You are invited over a birthday treat. From cake to delicacies, everything is set to enjoy and beat the summer’s heat. I look forward to have you at the party celebrations, please come and grace the day with your valuable presence.
  • Birthday party is here and we are looking forward for you to come. This is an invitation message to you so that we can together mark the moments of joys, laughter and fun. Kindly come and join us on my 21st birthday party.
  • Since it is my birthday, I am sending my warm invitation on your way. You are hereby invited; your presence is deeply solicited.
  • It is the time to mark your calendar and circle a date. 25th August is my birthday and I have planned to celebrate. You are cordially invited over birthday party celebrations, please come and have moments of joys and laughter.
  • It is that time of the year when we can together celebrate my birthday with a great cheer. From delicious food to dance and wine, let us celebrate my day with all the glitters and the chime.
  • I invite all my dearest friends to party till the end. You are invited over my birthday party celebrations.
  • [blockquote]My best friend Albert is having a birthday celebration next week. He would love to have you present so that he can share the lovely moments with you.[/blockquote]
  • How can any of my birthday party be complete without your presence. This is to invite you for a small party I am organising. Don’t forget to be there.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]I am throwing a surprise birthday party for my mother. I am sure she would love it if you are present on that day as you mean a lot to her.[/notice]
  • I am inviting you for my birthday party which is on the 4th march. Please be present.

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