Birthday Invitation Messages for Friends

Birthday invitation messages for friends are the messages which are written and sent to friends in order to invite them for a birthday party.

These messages are meant to inform the friends about the venue and date of the birthday and to request them to be part of the party.

The length of these messages must be restricted to about 2 lines and they must be precisely written. You can check out the following given samples of birthday invitation messages for friends if you wish to frame one for yourself.

Sample Birthday Invitation Messages for Friends

  • My birthday would be incomplete without the presence of my dearest friends. I invite you to my birthday party celebrations so that we can rejoice and celebrate till the day end. Please come to enjoy unlimited snacks, dinner and drinks, we will enjoy late at night, without getting tired and without an eye’s blink.
  • Dearest friends, the day is here when we don’t have to search for a reason to enjoy with a great cheer. Yes it is my birthday which is so near. I hereby invite you to kindly come and enjoy the birthday night, with all the glitters and the chime; I want you to make my birthday memorable and bright.
  • I have decided to celebrate my birthday with the most important people of my life. Counting on them, I can never forget my friends who were always there by my side. Dear friends, I cordially invite you to mark your presence as I celebrate my 20th Birthday, please come so that we can mark the celebrations in our own way.
  • I have made all the arrangements for my birthday. I am just waiting for my friends to come my way. Please come for my birthday party, we will together celebrate the day wild and free.

[blockquote]You are invited to my friend’s birthday party which is on 10th Dec at 6 pm. You have to be present in black clothes at the country club resorts hall number 1.[/blockquote]

  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]Dearest friend, how can it be possible for me to celebrate my birthday without you and your birthday bumps? Please be present at the party on the eve of my birthday at my house.[/notice]
  • Birthdays are special days because they are celebrated with loved ones and friends. Please help me make my day even more special by coming to my birthday party.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]It is impossible for me to enjoy my birthday without you crashing my party. So this time, the invitation is being formally sent. Be there.[/notice]

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