Birthday Invitation Messages for Kids

Birthday invitation messages for kids are ones that are sent to kids to invite them for a birthday party. So while sending birthday messages for kids, it should be colorful, entertaining and attractive. These messages contain the details of the party and various activities that have been arranged at the party. Some samples of these messages are mentioned below.

Sample Birthday Invitation Messages for Kids

  • Get ready to have the best cake, food, and great playtime. Come with your parents to the birthday party of your friend who turns 5 this year.
  • It is going to be a playful and fun evening this Friday as we have arranged an awesome birthday party for you kids. Come and enjoy the cake, the candies and the fun activities for your friend’s 10th birthday this Friday.
  • Now is the time that you all have been waiting for. It is the birthday of your friend and guess what!!! There is an ultimate party for you guys. You will get lot of playtime, fun events candies. Come early and get ready to have your tummies full.
  • It’s party time for you kids, on the birthday of your dear friend who will be 8 this Sunday. Come and have ice creams, cake and fun time.
  • It is with great excitement that we say that our little son is turning 5 this week. There is a cause to get excited for you too. We are throwing a party which will be a joyous prospect for you. Come and make this party a memorable one.
  • Here comes the birthday of our pretty daughter who is turning 10 tomorrow. We have decided to celebrate this birthday with a great party for the kids. Make it sure to attend this party for having a good time with our daughter.
  • It will be play, eat and play on the wonderful eve of my brother’s birthday celebration. Do not miss this event of fun and entertainment on his birthday this week.
  • I am very excited to invite you all to my birthday celebration which is being organized at my house’s backyard with all the food and toys available. Let’s have a great time enjoying the party.
  • We have organized a birthday party for our son this Saturday. Please be there at the party with your kid to enjoy lots of games and activities.  We will be looking forward to your presence.

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