Birthday Party Invitation Text Messages

Birthday party invitation text messages are those messages that are sent to friends, relatives and dear ones to invite them for the birthday party. These types of messages can be sent by the birthday boy /girl or by their loved ones to invite the guests.

Sample Birthday Party Invitation Text Messages

  • Come and join us on the joyous occasion of our son’s birthday this week and enjoy the party with variety of food and entertainment.
  • Get ready to have a blast at the party arranged for you guys at my house for my birthday this Saturday.
  • I happily invite you to the party which is organized for my 22nd birthday next week. It will be a fun filled evening for us if you are with us.
  • It is a pleasure to invite you to this happy occasion of my birthday party arranged at my backyard this Tuesday evening. Come with your family and enjoy the party.
  • Cut the cake, blow candles, and party all the night; this is the agenda on my birthday tomorrow, and you should come there to join me.
  • I’m throwing away an awesome party for my birthday. Join me on this party and get entertained for the whole night.
  • I am glad to inform you that my daughter is turning sixteen this Thursday, and we have arranged a party afterwards. Please come and enjoy the party and have a merry time.
  • I am reaching the 25th year of my life and I thought to throw a party for you guys. So please come and have a bash at the party on 22nd of this month.
  • I know that turning 40 is like getting old. But I felt like giving a party for everybody. Everybody includes you and party means fun. Surely come for the party and forget everything else!!!
  • It is time for food, drinks and DJ on the eve of my birthday party this Friday. Don’t forget to come because you will miss the best party ever.
  • Out little baby is going to be two this week and we have arranged a party which will be a sure fun. Please come along with your kids so that they will enjoy the evening.
  • We have organized a birthday party on the eve of our father’s 80th birthday. Come and give the man some happy times.
  • Birthday is a special time when one gets to enjoy the attention of everyone around and I will be glad to have your company and attention on my birthday tomorrow.

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