Bridal Shower Invitation Messages

Life takes turns every now and then. However, it is great to enter in a relation that you can be sure, will stay for life.

Inviting friends and family is important at this event, because you cannot only share your joy, but also take their blessing, when you require them the most.

Sample Bridal Shower Invitation Messages

[blockquote]My daughter is stepping in a new life and I would feel great if you all can come and bless her with your loved ones. This will help my daughter to step into her new life with joy and excitement.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]When she came in our life, she was small and wanted to be taken care off in the most loving way. You all gave us your blessing and made it happen. Now that little girl is about to start her new life, so we would like you to come again and shower your love and blessing the way you did before.[/blockquote]

  • Our daughter has been the greatest gift that god gave us, and now it’s time for her to start her life. At this time, we want to tell her that her world will be full of great things and this all can be possible when she will have the blessings of you all.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]You have been with us always and showed us that you care. This time we are inviting you to show the same support to our daughter, as she will be starting with a new chapter of her life.[/notice]

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