25 Christmas Invitation Messages

Christmas is the most awaited festival for Christians all over the world and is that time of the year when everyone gets in touch with their friends and family members. On this occasion, there is no one who wants to be alone and everyone wants to celebrate the festivities with near and dear ones.

This is why people often invite their friends, family and even colleagues on Christmas dinner, parties and get together. Christmas invitation messages are those messages which a person sends to another to invite him/her for a Christmas party or get together. These messages must give the details of the venue and time of the party as well. A few samples and examples of Christmas invitation messages are given below and can be used for the purpose of reference.

Christmas Invitation Messages

  • Christmas is the time of joy and peace! Let us make our Christmas memorable and enjoyable together. I have arranged a Christmas party at my home with loads of fun filled activities, and you are cordially invited! Please come over to meet all our friends.
  • Come and join us on the holy Eve of Christmas! It’s the occasion to celebrate together and prayer for the world peace. We have arranged the party at the office basement, please come at sharp 8PM and enjoy the food and drinks.
  • May God bless you with happiness & success on this Christmas!   The great instance of Christmas Eve has come! Let us gather and pray together to please our God.

Christmas party invitation messages

  • A Christmas invitation is a sacred obligation! Accept it and ensure your presence at Hotel: Hilton, at sharp 5pm to meet all dear ones and colleagues. May God bless you with hopes and grant you success in the world. Let us speared the peace & love on this occasion!
  • Merry Christmas to all of you! It’s indeed a great event to rejoice ourselves. Come & join us to please our Savoir. The season is at Marks on December 25th, 2010 at sharp 7pm. Hoping to see you there!

Christmas party invitation messages

  • Yay! The best day of the year has come and so has the most amazing Christmas party at Z Lounge. So cancel all the other plans that you have and join us for the party at 7 pm.
  • Yo guys and girls. You are all invited to the most amazing Christmas bonanza of the year at F Street and Alley. So make sure you are there with your friends and have a total bash.

Christmas party invitation messages


  • Dear Sam and Anthony, you are cordially invited to the annual Christmas party and dinner at James Society of Catholics at St. Andrews church at 8 pm on Christmas day. We are looking forward to seeing you.
  • Dear colleagues, I am hosting a Christmas party at my home this Christmas day. All of you are cordially invited to join me and my family to some dance, music and lovely food.
  • There will be dancing, there will be music and there will be some finger licking food. Yes, you are all invited to the biggest Christmas party in the city this Christmas day. Be sure you go nowhere else folks.
  • Looking for a happening getaway on Christmas day? Well visit Premium lounge for a dance party which starts at 8 pm. The party is going to be visited by the best DJs of the city and would witness a nonstop music celebration.

Funny Christmas invitation messages

  • To all the students of St. Patrick College who do not plan to visit their families this Christmas, you are invited to a really boring pajama party in my dorm at 9 pm of 25th Make sure you wear some decent night clothes.
  • Not invited by anyone else on Christmas day party? Well, you will be glad to know that I am throwing a small party for all the losers out there. So join me at Yale Street Lounge at 7 pm sharp.
  • There are some who celebrate Christmas with friends and some who celebrate it with their families. But to those who have nowhere to go, my hostel room will be your den on Christmas day. So be there and let’s rock.
  • How can my Christmas party be complete without my very own Fat Santa? So what if you have gained a little more, I do have room for 2 Santa’s! Be present at my home at 8 and don’t be late.
  • I tried my best not to invite you but unfortunately, my mother forced me to do so. Please be present at our annual Christmas dinner at 7 pm on Christmas day and if possible, don’t be too early. Ha-Ha!

Christmas dinner invitation messages

  • As you know, me and my wife host a Christmas dinner every year for our family and friends. I would love for you to be part of this year’s dinner because you are no less than family to us.
  • You and your family are cordially invited to the Christmas dinner that I am hosting at P Restaurant at 7 pm on Christmas day. There will be wine; there will be good food and ofcourse good company.
  • I am writing to invite you to a Christmas dinner at 8 pm at my home on Christmas Eve. Let us all get together and celebrate this beautiful festival with love and a lot of cheer.
  • Christmas day is here again and it is time to mingle and have a lovely college reunion. So you are all invited to the Christmas party that I am hosting at our college dorm at 7 pm sharp.
  • This is that time of the year when everyone must get together and no one must be left alone. So you all are invited to the Christmas dinner that I am hosting at the society hall at 9 pm on Christmas Eve.
  • Come one, come all, the biggest Christmas dinner and party is all set to surprise you on Christmas day at Gregson Mall. The dinner starts at 8 so please don’t be late.

Christmas card invitation messages

  • Santa is coming, Rudolf the red nose reindeer will be there and all the elves will also be present. So how can you miss out on the lovely Christmas party? You are invited to my party at Friends hall on Christmas day at 8 pm sharp.
  • Like each year, this year too I am hosting a Christmas dinner for close friends and family at my home. You are cordially invited to come and to have some fun.
  • Let’s get together this Christmas day and remember all those wonderful moments we spent in college together. Inviting you all to the lovely reunion party at 8 pm sharp.
  • The most awaited festival of the year is here again, so why don’t we too try and meet? I am hosting a Christmas party in my backyard on Christmas day at 7 pm sharp. Please be there and I promise you a lot of fun.
  • With a promise of fun and frolic and happiness and joy, I invite you to my Christmas party which will be held at Fountain Park at 8 pm on 25th Looking forward to seeing you.
  • Dear friends, I invite you to the best Christmas party at my club Ricos.

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