Dinner Party Invitation Messages

Dinner party invitation messages are the text messages that are sent to all the invitees that are to be called for a dinner party.

Such messages are written stating a proper reason for organizing a dinner party, along with all the details like date, time and venue.

These messages may be written both formally and informally, depending upon the type of the dinner party.

Sample Dinner Party Invitation Messages

  • It has been so long since we all met over a dinner party. Let us unite over the party celebrations, marking the 10th anniversary of Bob and Tiara. We look forward to have your presence.
  • With a great pride, we invite you over a dinner party celebrations, marking the happy union of Jack and Hannah. Your presence is solicited to bless the united couple for their happier married life.
  • As our son is turning one, we would like you to join is in our celebrations and the moments of fun. You are cordially invited over a dinner party celebration on 15th Aug 2013 at Hotel Crown. We don’t want to hear any excuse of your absence.
  • We request the pleasure of your kind company on the dinner party celebrations, marking 25 years of togetherness of Ronny and Alice. Kindly come and grace the evening with your presence. We look forward to heave great time at the party celebrations.
  • Your presence is deeply solicited at the dinner party celebrations, marking the graduation of my son. We would be happy and thankful if you come and bless him for his prospering future. We look forward to have you at party.

[blockquote]We request the pleasure of your company on a fine dining clubbed with cocktails and appetizers. Do come to have a great time together.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]We are organizing a night full of fun and joy for all of you. You are cordially invited on the dinner party. Kindly come to dine and dance.[/blockquote]

  • It has been a long time since we had a united dine. I invite you to the dinner party featuring our 1st wedding anniversary. Do not give us an excuse of your absence. In fact mark your presence to grace the evening.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]Your presence is solicited on a dinner party along with cocktails and snacks, marking the birthday celebration of my son. Kindly come along with your family and bless him for his happy future.[/notice]
  • We invite you for the dinner night celebrating 25th anniversary of Jack and Hannah. Enjoy at your best!

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