Engagement Invitation Messages for Friends

Before the big step into marriage, comes the smaller event – The engagement. This is for most, the last big event of one’s life as a bachelor or a spinster. Following this occasion comes the big wedding way. So it is obvious that we would love to be in the company of our friends on this day, when we send out a message to the world saying, “I am not single anymore”. Here are some interesting and unique engagement invitation messages for friends that you can use.

  • I was alone, and she was single; we met at a party and soon decided to mingle. It’s been three years now, and our families have decided to initiate the process for us to live happily ever after. I am a little nervous and would love to get some moral support on my Engagement Ceremony. Please be there to boost my confidence.
  • Our hearts have said yes. Now the rings will be exchanged. As my engagement day is coming closer, my excitement in increasing my blood pressure. As a well wisher and friend, you have to be here till the end. So do not miss my Engagement Party and be there for me.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]We are on an exciting journey; it started with the first meeting couple of months ago. Now we are ready to take it to the next level by getting engaged to each other. As you have been a huge support in my life, you presence is most desired on this special day.[/notice]
  • Finally I will bid farewell to being single. Soon my life will be shared with a very special person. From next week onwards, I will officially be engagement to the love of my life. In this happy occasion your presence is most desired.
  • We have broken up a million time, and patched up a zillion times. But our love for one another was unshakeably strong. This love has seen us a long way, and finally we are getting engaged in a social ceremony. On our way to eternal love and many more fights. As we get engaged, we request the pleasure of your company to witness this first official step towards togetherness.
  • Days will turn to night, and nights will become day, but 4th November will be special in every little way. It was the day my parents got married, and I will be engaged. It’s a day shouting out celebrations. So I would love to have you as a part of my celebration, just as you are a part of my life dear friend.
  • [blockquote]Soon my days of freedom will be dictated by my days as a responsible husband. Yes, even I am surprised that I fell for it and believe it or not, I am getting engaged. Please be there, because with friends around even the most nervous moment becomes a reason to celebrate.[/blockquote]
  • You will get this one last opportunity to see me as a spinster. So don’t forget to be present at my Engagement because the next time we get together it will be the wedding day!

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