Farewell Party Invitation Messages

Farewell party invitation messages are ones that are sent to invite people to attend the farewell. These messages can be sent by a person who is leaving the organization or can also be sent by colleagues when the organization is hosting the farewell party. The message should convey about the farewell including the venue and date of the party.

Sample Farewell Party Invitation Messages

  • Dear friends, tomorrow is my last working day at this office and I wish to make this day a memorable one and thus I have arranged a party. You all are cordially invited to my farewell party tomorrow in the office cafeteria at 6 PM.
  • Dear colleagues, (Name of the person) is leaving us after completing a successful ten years of service for (name of the person). Even though we are extremely sad to separate him, we have to wish him all success in his personal and official life. Please be present at the conference hall to have a great time together to give him a farewell party.
  • Dear students, as your teachers, we are extremely proud that you all have contributed so much to this school and we hope you will be an asset for this society in your new roles as adults. We plan to give you a warm farewell party where you can share your good and bad experience of your school time and can wind up the event with a photo session. So, make sure your presence at the auditorium at tomorrow evening 4.00 PM in your most favorite outfit.
  • Dear friends, it is sure that you all will be shocked when you hear the bad news that our favorite teacher (Name) is leaving us with in a week. As this transfer is unavoidable, what we can do is to wish her happiness and good health in her future at the farewell party that is held at (venue) and on (date). You are all invited to gather together to say good bye to her and to give our gift.
  • This is the time to say good bye to (Name) as he/she is planning to set sail on a new adventure leaving us. Let us wish him all the best for his voyage. So, please attend the farewell party at (venue) on (date).
  • You all are invited for (name)’s farewell party to give him/her some memorable moments before he/she is leaving us.
  • Dear guys, please be at (venue) on (date and time) to bid adieu (name) and to celebrate his/her last day here.

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