Funeral Invitation Text Messages

Sometimes it is very difficult to write sympathy messages, especially when it’s a funeral. When there is a loss of a loved one, the emotional stress is so immense that one’s grief surpasses all other feeling. It takes a lot of effort to compose even a simple funeral invitation text message. To help you in your hard times, here are some messages that will help you.

  • He was the tree that shaded us from all troubles. Today he is gone, but our dear father will never be forgotten. We request you to be please be present at his funeral to pay him respect.
  • Request you to come and pay your respects to the greatest teacher, who did not just impart academic knowledge, but taught us lessons to live well. He will always be in our hearts.
  • She was the sweetest person I ever knew. Her deep, kind eyes reflected her selfless love for all her grandchildren. Request your presence, to pay your respects to our dearest grandmother. Her memories will always be with us.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]He lived life king size and was a storehouse of positive energy. With his passing, we have endured a great loss. But as he always said, “Life is a celebration, even in death” I would like to invite you to my uncle’s memorial service to celebrate his life.[/notice]
  • Her loss cannot be compensated, but we would like to share her fond memories with you. Please come to my dearest granny’s memorial service where we will celebrate a beautiful person’s life journey.
  • He was a brave boy, who was not afraid to stand for what he believed in. He may not have lived in long years but his life has been an example of integrity and righteousness. His soul has left the mortal body, but his goodness will always be with us.
  • All the world’s riches cannot compensate for the love she gave us. She was the very soul of this family. As her eldest nephew, I request you presence in her memorial service to be held this Sunday.
  • He was the brother every sister wishes for. He was kind, responsible, caring, and full of affection for people around him. He has gone with a life well lived. I invite you all to his memorial service to celebrate the life of my dearest brother Kevin Helmsworth.
  • His life was spent tending to the sick and the needy. He served humanity and attacked diseases with his greatest weapon – a medical degree. Doctor Bryan Homstead is no more, but his legacy shall forever continue.
  • [blockquote]We wish to celebrate the life of our dear mother, whose unconditional love shall live on as our heartbeats. In loving memory of Mrs Leona Parkinson, the Parkinson family wishes your presence at her memorial service.[/blockquote]
  • I have loved him since my teenage years. We have spent our lives together for so long, and now like the bird he wished he could be, his soul has flown away to another world. In loving memory of my husband, Daryl Winston, I request the honour of your presence in his memorial service.

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