Funny Birthday Invitation Messages

Funny birthday invitation messages are cheerful notes which are sent and received by the friends, colleagues, family members and relatives in order to celebrate birthday together.

Sample Funny Birthday Invitation Messages:

[blockquote]Birthdays are always there every year but the best part of this day is receiving expensive gifts from friends like you. So please make sure to come on time with a valuable gift and join the celebrations.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]I know that friends are the ones who turn a boring birthday into a splendid one by showering lovely gifts. So you can come over tomorrow at my home for the birthday party without forgetting the gift you are going to bring for me.[/blockquote]

  • Well it’s my birthday today and I am hosting a party at my residence in the evening. You are invited to be a part of it and have fun as my clown is not going to come today and you can replace him.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]I am thinking of celebrating my birthday which happens to be tomorrow but as I am not getting a proper cook to prepare delicacies for the occasion I am planning to host the party at your home as you are a wonderful cook.[/notice]
  • Birthdays are great time when we can tell our friends about our desires. So I just wanted to tell you that I am attaching a list of things that I need along with this birthday invitation.
  • Age is a number, But mine is unlisted forever!

Dear Susan, I am turning 19. You are heartily invited to attend the goodbye party of my childhood. Let us sit together, have drinks and enjoy the last evening of my childhood with all the friends. The venue is my resident. Cheers!

  • Before Jacky’s midlife crisis,

Let us celebrate before he says bye to dirty 30’s!

Let us sit one last time before he turns to wise 40’s.  We have arranged a small get together to celebrate his birthday. You are invited to make this party special. Seeking to have your great company! Take care.

  • Inside every older person, there is a younger person, wondering what the hell happened to me!

Hello Steve! I have planned a surprise birthday party for my grandfather turning 80. You are invited to celebrate this golden moment. Party is at my resident. Take care.

  • She is already 25 and going to start the new inning of her 26th birthday! Will you marry her John? Just joking! This invitation is to invite you for the birthday party of Maria, our dear colleagues. Venue is as following:

Hotel: Parkinson

Address: 34/ L, New Lane, Smith Triangle, Ottawa, Canada.

Time: Sharp at 7pm

  • If we could be twice young, we can romance double!

If we could be twice old, we can rectify our youth mistakes!

Hey Jenna! This is the great occasion of my coming birthday. I have planned a small party to surprise myself. You are invited to join this juncture. Party is at my home only on November 3rd, 2010 at 5pm.


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