Funny Wedding Invitation Messages

Funny wedding invitation messages are those messages which are written so as to invite someone to a wedding or wedding program in such a way that sounds funny to the recipient.

These messages have a light and funny tone attached to them and is meant to invite guests. Funny wedding invitation messages must not be too lengthy and must be brief.

Given below are a few samples of funny wedding invitation messages which can be used by anyone for reference purpose or for actual use.

Sample Funny Wedding Invitation Messages

[blockquote]You are invited for the wedding function of my brother who is going to commit suicide![/blockquote]

[blockquote]You are invited for the wedding function of my brother. Please join us with your family and have a great delicious meal! Don’t miss it![/blockquote]

[blockquote]As you all know, my dear brother has decided to step into a pool of misery and sorrow. Please be present on the day he makes this mistake.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]Your support is urgently needed as my friend has decided to get married. I am sure he won’t   be able to face the difficult times without your encouragement and presence on the ceremony. So please be there.[/blockquote]

  • Love is in the air, we make a great pair. You’re invited to attend our wedding!
  • You don’t need a ticket reservation in advance to attend our marriage! Please join us at our wedding!
      [notice noticeType=”info” ]My sister has decided to marry a mental stroke person. Please be present on that day.[/notice]


  • Please join us for the ride of our lives and it is difficult without your encouragement! Please be present!
  • You are cordially invited for the thrilling wedding function of my friend. Please be there to encourage him!
      [notice noticeType=”attention” ]Are you free then please attend my marriage to help my brother in serving food![/notice]


  • Finally we decided to suicide you are all invited to our marriage be present!
  • My sister is getting a new toy to play! You all are welcome on the marriage function of my sister!
      [notice noticeType=”info” ]Are you interested to see a thrilling creature? Then please attend my marriage![/notice]


  • My brother wants to experience tragedy in life! You are welcome on the marriage of my brother. Be present!
  • You are invited to the day when my sister finally loses sanity. Please join us for the wedding ceremony followed by dinner.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]How can someone step into wedding life without the support and good wishes to friends and family? So please be present for my wedding.[/notice]


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