House Warming Invitation Messages

Stepping into a new house not only tells you that you have been progressing in life, but also says that you have been maturing in life.

Inviting friends and family is important to be a part of your happiness. It is also important, as this is the best time to show them what they mean to you.

Sample House Warming Invitation Messages

  • You are invited over a housewarming party that is scheduled for coming Wednesday. We would like to have you at the party celebration and embrace our new place. We will be glad to enjoy in your presence, please come and grace the evening with your warm essence.
  • Our home would be incomplete without the love and blessings of our near and dear ones. As we are making a move to our new place, we invite you over a housewarming party to make it a day to remember always. Please come and rejoice.
  • Your presence on our housewarming will make it a day to remember forever. We hope that you will like our new home and we are waiting to receive your blessings and love for our merrier future. Kindly come and enjoy at our housewarming party.
  • We have got our new residence and we would like to mark our first day with our near and dear ones. We invite you for a housewarming party so that we can together have moments of laughter and fun. Kindly come and grace the evening with your warm presence.
  • We would like to welcome our dear ones with whose blessings and love we were able to build our new home. You are invited over a housewarming party, without your presence the party will be incomplete. We look forward to have you at the celebrations.

[blockquote]It was difficult for getting a dream house for us where we will be able to see our kids growing and will be able to save all the memories. Now, when we have finally got, we would request you to come and join us in making it special. You presence will make us have our first sweet memories of the house even more sweet.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]We got a new house and like to celebrate the joy with our loved ones. We would feel great if you all can come and be a part of our happiness.[/blockquote]

  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]We want to welcome all when we will step into our new house[/notice]
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]The house has a lot of walls and ceiling as well, but for us it is special as it is for us. We are celebrating our first day in our new house and it will be delighted if you can come and make the day extra special for us.[/notice]
  • Life moves and so do we do. We are moving to a new house and want you to be a part of happiness. So help us in making this day special with your presence.

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