Invitation Facebook images/Bumper Stickers, Messages

With modern technology at your fingertips, sending unique and attractive invitation messages to friends and loved ones has become all the easier.

Showing your love and gratitude to the special ones in your life has been taken to the next level by the modern methods of sending messages and invitations to people for the special occasions in life where you want all your loved ones by your side.

Sending sms from mobile phones or email invitations are among the commonest modes of interacting with people and sending invitations as well.

These additionally, save you from visiting people who are far away from you. Facebook has emerged as a leading platform for people to share their feelings, show their concern and send easy invitations through Facebook messages and images that contain messages within.

Another innovative and fun way to invite people and especially the ones staying close to you are bumper stickers with messages on them.

You just have to stick the stickers on any flat surface where it will be clearly visible to people and your message is conveyed to your loved ones in few seconds.

Below you will find some invitation Facebook messages, images and bumper stickers that you can use to invite your friends and relatives for various occasions.

Bachelor Party Invitation:

bachelor invitation


Brother Birthday Invitation:

brother birthday invitation


Child Birthday  Invitation:

child birthday  invitation


Child Birthday Party:

child birthday party


Conference Invitation:

Conference Invitation


Daughter’s Birthday Invitation:

daughter birthday invitation

Friends marriage Invitation:

friends marriage invitation


Love Invitation:

love invitation


Marriage Invitation:

Marriage Invitation


Wedding Invitation:

wedding invitation

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