Invitation Messages for Birthday Parties

Birthdays are the most awaited event of individuals for one gets to celebrate the anniversary of their birth. Being invited to that event is an indication that the invitee is special for they have played an essential role in the celebrant’s life. Everyone becomes thrilled when they receive invitation messages for birthday parties. By simply reading the texts in the invitation, you will suddenly become a seer envisioning the events of the party and the situation of the after party.

Choosing the right words and phrases to write in an invitation letter will definitely have your guests coming without hesitation and they might even cancel engagements and appointments just to attend your birthday party.

To help craft your invitation messages for your upcoming birthday party, check out the sample messages in this article. These suggestions will help you select what to put in the invitation card. You may even rephrase some of these, especially if you would want to  highlight the grounds of your friendship. We advise you write or print these messages on an invitation card than just sending it via SMS or private messages in any social media site.


  • On the day of 28th this month, as the sun sets in the very horizon we share as the clock strikes six evening, come and visit  my humble abode with an empty stomach and prepared liver for we will fill them with the heaven’s greatest gifts to humanity: food and alcohol.


  • The tables and chairs have been set and ready to be used. I hope my guests are, too! As one of the friends I consider dearest to your presence is highly needed as I celebrate the anniversary of my birth day. You have been one of the pillars of my life and your visit on my special day will be highly appreciated. I will be expecting you in the event.


  • Have yourself a treat and come to my house by the end of the week at seven sharp in the evening. Your fill of favorite dishes will be served so my advise to you would be come with an empty stomach and leave with an impending morning hangover. I will be more than happy to see you on the biggest day of the year.


  • As part of the geeky bros of my social circle, I know that Star Wars is your ultimate obsession. Bring your light saber this Saturday night so we can beat Darth Vader together. But of course we’ll have to indulge in gluttony before doing the latter.


  • Birthdays highlight the importance of oneself, and since I will be celebrating my birthday this Thursday. Have yourself a treat and see the highlight of your life that is me turn twenty one. Liquors and food will be on the house.

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