Kitty Party Invitation Messages

Kitty Party Invitation Messages are those messages which are sent to friends for inviting them for a kitty party.A kitty party is generally organised by females to meet their friends and have a get together.These types of messages must have details of the party including date, venue and time.

Sample Kitty Party Invitation Messages

Kitty Party Invitation Messages

  • The honour of your presence is greatly requested over the kitty party celebrations. Come and enjoy the re union with your friends. We look forward to have you so that we can enjoy all through.
  • It is the time to shake it up with dinner, dance and fun. Let us revive the lost time. This message is sent for a party invitation to you; we look forward to have great time with you. Kindly come and mark your presence, fill the evening with your gracious presence.
  • It has been a long time since we all met. I have planned a kitty party at my residence so that we can celebrate with excitement. You are requested to join us over the kitty party celebrations at my home on 5th May, at 8PM.
  • This is to cordially invite you over the kitty party, featuring the get together of all the colleagues. I have planned to organise a kitty party get together at my home. Kindly come and enjoy the moments with joy, laughter and fun.
  • Let us meet over a kitty party! Let us celebrate our togetherness with happiness and glee. You are requested to come by 5:00 PM and enjoy the night.
  • Dear Catherine, you are cordially invited for the kitty party on 2nd of November, 2015 at 8 PM. The venue is Star Pices Hotel. Hope to see you there.
  • Dear friends you all are invited for a lunch kitty party at my residence: 102, Bye Lane, Trafalgar Square on 5th of July, 2015. The punctuality prize will be taken out at 1 PM sharp, so make sure to be there on time.
  • Dear friends it’s a long time since we all have met, so I am organising a high tea kitty party at Sunrise hotel on 8th of August, 2015. Please make sure to be there on time at 5 PM.

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