Meeting Invitation Messages

Meeting invitations can be done by sending messages, emails or through letters. Meeting invitation messages are the messages that are sent to all those people who are to be called for the scheduled meeting.

These invitations are sent giving full details about the schedule of the meeting and the purpose behind the same. The messages are sent few days prior to the planned meeting.

Sample Meeting Invitation Messages

  • We are glad to invite you to the parent teacher meeting due to be held tomorrow afternoon. We request both the parents to be present along with their ward at the school premises.
  • We take pleasure in inviting all the residents of our apartment for the society meeting which will be held today evening. Please make yourself free to attend the meeting without fail. Meeting is followed by refreshments for everyone.
  • It is an honor for us to extend this invitation to all our club members to attend the annual meeting being held next week. We are also hosting dinner for our esteemed club members.
  • We welcome all the employees for the annual performance meet at our office conference hall today afternoon to set the annual performance targets in consultation with the employees.
  • Our office is holding an emergency meeting to review the position of company sales till now. It is compulsory for everyone in the department to attend the meeting without fail. The meeting will be held tomorrow in the conference room at 2 PM.
  • The quarterly meeting of our health center will be held on this Saturday. So we take this opportunity to invite everyone to please come and attend it.

[blockquote]I am pleased to invite all the members of this esteemed association to come for the 4rth Annual conference meeting, scheduled for 20th August 2012 at Mediterranean Resort, 6:00 PM. [/blockquote]

[blockquote]With a great pleasure, we are hosting our 8th Global Annual Meeting. All of our esteemed guests and members are invited to be a part of it. Kindly come and make it a success. [/blockquote]

  • On behalf of ABC Company, I am sending this message to invite you to an organizational meeting that is to be held on this Saturday, 5:00 PM. Kindly reply back to this message to confirm your presence.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]You are cordially invited to be an active member of the Shareholder’s meeting conference that is scheduled for Sunday. This is in reference to the rising fluctuations in the market. Kindly mark your presence to raise your views and to help us make this meeting successful.[/notice]

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