Retirement Party Invitation Messages

Retirement is a very sentimental moment for everyone; after years of service with numerous ups and downs and a gang of close friends the moment of retiring from the busy life is indeed painful. However, the day is often celebrated with close people so that this melancholy can be overcomed with joyous memories.

Therefore, retirement party invitation messages should be welcoming and cordial calling the guests for the final farewell. Here are some instances that can be used for inviting to a retirement party event –

  • Just a day and I will be retiring from my service life. Well, a tough moment indeed to leave you all here. Please come to my retirement party tomorrow afternoon and give me a chance to bid you all goodbye personally.
  • I cordially invite you all to come to my retirement party on this Thursday at the audition hall after lunch; I will miss you all as leaving such a close unit family is truly difficult for me! Stay in touch.
  • After staying with you for 30 long years, this day is heart wrenching as I leave the office. Please come to my retirement party today post lunch and give me an opportunity to thank all of you for being my best companion!
  • Our project manager is retiring on Saturday; therefore the team has arranged for a warm retirement party for him on the day. Please be present at the event for sharing your thoughts on him and conveying your best wishes!
  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ]Retirement is very painful especially for a man like me who made the office home! But yes, now I will get some time for exploring my other interests. You all are invited in my retirement party tomorrow afternoon; let’s have the last meal together![/notice]
  • Bidding adieu to such a lovable colleague is heart rendering; but it has to be done today as Mr. Joseph attains retirement. Please join him for lunch today and greet him for peace, health and happiness in coming days!
  • We lived like a family and from tomorrow I will have to spend my days without you and this office; I wish to thank all of you personally, please attend my retirement party today evening at the community hall.
  • I heartily invite my team to come together at my retirement party tonight at the Roof Hall; expecting you all for a dinner together!
  • Life will no longer be same as before from tomorrow as I will enter the retired lifehood; please join me at the dinner tonight for celebrating the togetherness of 40 years! Will miss you all.
  • Our manager retires tomorrow and we have arranged a small party to make him feel special on his last day. Please join us for the lunch on Friday and convey your greetings!
  • [blockquote]The retired life brings many new things that you might have missed these years; we have arranged a small party on the eve of your retirement. We shall be very happy to see you with us tomorrow at lunch in the Quebec Restaurant![/blockquote]

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