Top 50th Birthday Invitation Ideas

Top 50th birthday invitation ideas are supposed to be funny and interesting to make people actually come to the party.

Top 50th Birthday Invitation Ideas

Something Conventional

If you don’t want to have anything fancy, think about something like this: “Friendship is one of the few things that get better with age. The friends and family of (birthday girl/boy) invite you to celebrate together 50 years of friendship.


The 50th birthday invitation ideas on the top are even better if they come with rhymes, such as: “Say it ain’t so (name of the birthday girl/boy) reaches the big five-oh. He said to a party ‘No way!’, but we’ll have one anyway.”

Make a Comparison

To make the wording sound funnier, think about something like this: “People, like wine, only get better with time. Join use to celebrate the 50th birthday of (name of birthday girl/boy)”. This is something simple, but you can be sure that the wording will make people smile.

Getting Old

When looking for the best 50th birthday invitation wording ideas, you could make fun of getting old. For instance you may have: “I’m 50! Oh, my God, I’m old! Birthdays come and go so we have to cherish each year. Join me on this special day with my friends and family.”


Maybe you would like the invitation to focus on the celebration. In this case consider the following invitation: “One can never be old enough to celebrate their birthday.

I may not look my best anymore, but I am lucky to have you as my friend, so join me for the celebration of my birthday!”

Waste no Time

For inspirational 50th birthday invitation wordings that are the best you should consider something like “Each birthday should be celebrated.

Today I woke up and I realized that life is very short. This is why I decided to spend the entire day with my friends and family and I would like you to be there too.”


The ideas for 50th birthday invitations that are the best could also focus on the party. In this case have on the invitation the following text:

I may seem old, but I am still young at heart. Age is just a number and when I’ll be 70, I want to be able to remember the amazing party I had on my 50th birthday.”

Surprise Party

The people organizing a surprise party may be looking for top 50th birthday invitation ideas. They might be looking for something like “Join us to celebrate John’s 50th birthday. He means a lot to us and most probably to you too. It will be a surprise party, so please be early.”

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