Wedding Invitation Card Messages for Friends

Wedding invitation card messages for friends are ones that are sent by a person to extend wedding invitation to friends. These messages can be sent in the name of the person who is getting married or by the parents on behalf of the person as well. These messages are sent through card and mention the details of the wedding like its date, venue, time and others.

Sample Wedding Invitation Card Messages for Friends

  • Come join us on this auspicious occasion of our daughter’s wedding this Sunday, and bless the couples. We will be looking forward to your presence.
  • I am very happy to inform you that I am getting married this month to a lovely girl and the love of my life. Please come and make the occasion more beautiful with your presence.
  • It is our pleasure to invite you to our son’s wedding on this week. Come with your family and take part in this glorious occasion.
  • As you have shared the love and fun with our family throughout our lives, it is an honor to invite you to the wedding ceremony of our son this Sunday. We expect you to come and share the happiness with us.
  • I am taking the next big step of my life through my wedding. For this I need your presence to grace the occasion. So I invite you to my wedding on this Sunday.
  • It is with great happiness that we are informing you the matrimony of our son this weekend. Please make it sure to come over and give your blessings to the couple as they are starting a new chapter of their lives.
  • Wedding is the most sacred ceremony in one’s life. My daughter is lucky to get a man who gives her much love and care. Join us on this happy moment of the wedding of our daughter to wish the couple good future.
  • From the beginning of my life itself, you were with me on every situation as my dearest friend. Now I want you to be in my most important event; that is my wedding. Without your presence this event will be incomplete for me.
  • By God’s grace my son is getting married this Friday to a beautiful girl. Please have a trip to the church and take part in this graceful ceremony of his wedding.
  • You have been always a great role model to my son from his childhood. Now we want your presence at the event of his wedding to make our hearts fill with joy and love.

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