Wedding Invitation Messages for Brother

Those kinds of messages that are written to invite a brother to a wedding are known as wedding invitation messages for brother. These types of messages are meant to give an invitation and must include the date, venue and time as well. A wedding invitation message for brother can be sent via many types of messages such as text, wedding cards, and email etc. A few samples of wedding invitation messages for brother are given below and these can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Wedding Invitation Messages for Brother:

  • Dear John, as you know I am getting married to Jenna on 25th Dec this year after 4 years of courtship.  I am inviting you to the ceremony and would like you to be my best man. Hoping to see you there.
  • How can my wedding ceremony be complete without my baby brother? Make sure you get your tickets booked in advance and be present on the 5th to join me take this big step in life. You are cordially invited dear brother.
  • Dear big brother. I have decided to get married to Anthony on 5th of June at 6 pm and would love for you to be part of the ceremony. Please be present on time as without you, my big day would be incomplete.
  • A wedding day is the most special day for anyone and dear Robert, I want you to be part of this day and make it even more special. Make sure you and the entire family is present on 7th June 2014 at 4 pm sharp at Joseph Wedding hall.
  • With your blessings and support, I am finally getting married to Juliet on the 29th of this month. It would be great if you could join us and be part of the biggest and brightest day of our lives. The dress code is white.
  • The day of wedding is the luckiest day in any person’s life and this day would have never come in my life if you weren’t there to bless me and support me at each step. You don’t need any formal invitation to be present on the wedding ceremony but I am writing to tell you to not be late this time.
  • You and Rosie are cordially invited to my wedding dear Tim. My wedding day would be incomplete without you and I request you to be there on time.

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