Wedding Invitation Messages to Friends

Gone are the days of serious messages printed on wedding cards. These days people want to read things that are unconventional and unique. So if you are planning to send invitation cards to friends, it need not really follow any message rules. Write what you feel; pen down your feelings. Add some spunk to your invitation message.

Print what you really mean to say. It’s your wedding and so it should be your message to your friends. Here are some interesting wedding messages you can send to your friends for invitation.

  • You have always been a part of my life and our prehistoric friendship is rock solid. Now that I am starting a new journey towards a new life, I want you to witness this momentous development in your friend’s life. I will be blessed to have my friend beside me on my special day.
  • You have shared with me my life as a friend. You have rejoiced in my happiness and shared my despair. You have been there to encourage me, applaud my success, and rebuke my follies. Now that I am getting married, I want you to bless me on this very special day of my life.
  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ]You are a dear friend who has been a pillar of support to me. I knew I could cry in front of you, and you would mistake it for my weakness. I could laugh hysterically and you wouldn’t take it as my madness. Now that I’m tying the knot, I know you wouldn’t mistake it as my maturity. I am and will always be the silly friend to you. All I ask is for your time and presence on my Big Day.[/notice]
  • Friends are like flowers in the garden of life. You all are the flowers of my life, and I want you to spread the fragrance of friendship on my wedding day, as I get bonded to someone special for life. Your presence will be an honour to me.
  • As we enter a new phase of our lives, we wish to see you wish us on our special day. No celebration would be complete without you being a part of it. We have been a constant presence in one another’s lives as friends, guides, and partners in crime. And as I commit myself to a special person for a lifetime and more, I want you to witness this transition from a carefree bachelor to a responsible married man.
  • We have witnessed our lives unfold from being little kids to respectable professionals. We, as friends, have always been there for one another in our good and bad times. Soon approaching is a day of excitement and celebrations when I enter a brand new phase of life called marriage. This new development in my life will remain incomplete without your fun remarks and best wishes.
  • [blockquote] You, my friend, are the one with whom I have such fond memories of growing up. Now that I am about to get married I want you to grace us with your presence and be a part of the festivities that will mark a new beginning for me.[/blockquote]

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