Leave Messages to Boss

When an employee is going on a leave or need to take a leave, it is necessary that he sends a message to his/her boss and these messages are known as leave messages to boss.These types of messages must have a request tone and should also state the reason for which you wish to take leave.

Sample Leave Messages to Boss

  • My mother is not keeping well so I need a leave urgently. I apologize that I am asking for a leave at a moment when the office needs me but I hope you understand the kind of urgency I have.
  • I understand that my company needs me at this hour but with the health condition I am in I would not be able to give my one hundred percent. So, I request you to grant me a sick leave.
  • Respected Sir, I kindly request you to please approve me leaves from 2nd to 7th of next month. I need to go to my hometown as my parents are not keeping well.
  • Dear Sir, I kindly request you to please grant me leave for next few days as my wife is expecting and I need to take care of her.
  • Respected Sir, I was not feeling well so I had to leave the office without any prior notice. I apologize for that. I assure you that I would rejoin office as soon I feel better and compensate by working overtime.
  • I have a friend’s marriage coming up next month. As he is a childhood friend, I need to attend his marriage. Thus I kindly request you to please grant me leave from 2nd to 5th of next month.
  • I got a call from my wife informing me that my three year old son has met with an accident and have to be admitted at the hospital. It is necessary for me to be there beside  my wife so I request you grant me leave for next few days.
  • I understand that I would be on leave but I do not want the office work to be hampered so I would be available to work from home whenever required.
  • Please approve my leave for tomorrow as I need to go for a health check up.
  • Dear Sir, I am writing this message to apply for 2 days leave as I need to go to my hometown to get some personal work done.

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