Leaving Wishes Messages

Whenever an individual is leaving his/ her loved ones or one of the individual’s loved one is leaving him/ her to go away someplace, the individual may want to extend some wishes or convey a message to them. This is done with the use of – the leaving wishes messages. Sample of these messages are given below for reference.

Sample Leaving Wishes  Messages :Leaving Message

  • Dear colleague you are leaving here today and I wanted to tell you that I will miss all the coffee breaks we had and the long working hours/ schedules that we met and processed. It will really be hard to find a jovial co- worker like you. Best wishes and goodbye.
  • I am sad realising the fact that you are leaving me and moving away. But I understand the importance of this opportunity for you, I wish you all the very best. You will be missed and I hope you’ll miss me too.
  • Leaving your loved ones, friends and family either for work or studies or anything else is never easy, but all of us have to move ahead with time. I may be leaving here for a while, but I am taking all of you with me in my memories. All the best to all of you, for your future.
  • You are leaving and your absence here will leave a void that nothing and no one can ever fill. I will miss all of the times when we helped each other get over the best stuff and enjoy the good one. Best of luck, will truly miss you.
  • I am leaving here but I want you to always remember that I will never be out of touch. I will always be a part of your life and will never, ever forget anything about the time we have spent together. Miss you, with loads of love, all the best for your future.
  • All of us will really miss you dear friend, though you are leaving us we shall never feel like you have left us. There are numerous memories that we have made with you and they shall keep us connected. All the best for everything you do, everyday of your life.
  • It was just amazing to find so many friends at my work place, now I am leaving and I will miss the all of you. Goodbye all of you, I will be in touch no matter where I am.

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