Apology Accepted Letter


Mr. Jackson Troy

Financial Executive

Fortune Enterprises Limited



24th June 2013

Subject: Apology acceptance letter

Dear Mr. Jackson,

This letter is in reference to the apology letter that you sent to our company on 20th June 2013. We have received and acknowledge your apologies and we are writing to inform you that the Board of Directors have accepted your apologies.

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]We appreciate your gesture to send us an apology letter, accepting your mistake for the delayed payments of the cheques and we hereby inform you that your apologies have been accepted.[/notice]

If you would have delayed the payments by even 1 more day, it would have caused serious problems and inconvenience to the company.

As was mentioned by you in your apology letter that due to the relocation of your office, you could not manage to make the pay cheques and drafts, we understand the situation and hence you should not worry about the business relationships in future.

[notice noticeType=”info” ]We greatly appreciate your approach and kindness to forward a letter of apology and that was enough to show your professionalism.[/notice]

In future, we expect that such delayed services will never happen. We appreciate that you realised your mistakes.

Thanking you.


Joseph Leo


Glory Enterprises Limited

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