Apology Letter to Boss


Tom Paul


The Royals Enterprises Limited



28TH June 2013

Subject: Apology letter to boss

Respected boss,

Through this letter I would like to apologise from you for the errors and mistakes that I made while submitting the recent project on sales budgets. I am aware about the inconveniences caused due to such an imperfection and I am deeply sorry for my level of unprofessionalism. I know that giving reasons to explain the situation would not erase the mistake, I just want to accept my mistake and wish to apologise for such kind of misconduct.

I would like to explain what has happened. While I was on my annual leave, I was informed that I have to submit a sales budget with full analysing, formatting and completion. As you are aware that it is sent by some other employee and he was on a sick leave for long. Due to some reasons, I could not coordinate with him and I ended up submitting the budgets without the prior checking and updates. I am aware of the troubles that I have caused to the company and I am truly sorry for the same.

I assure you that such kind of oversight shall not happen in future. I will personally apologise from the clients, if required.

Sincerest apologies once again


Ronald Fred

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