Apology Letter to Customer


Eric Bob


House No. 123, Main Park Street

Windsor Apartments, Red Square



24th June 2013

Subject: Apology letter to customer

Dear customer,

This letter is in reference to the delayed services of bulk orders that you placed with us on 15th June 2013. We would like to first of all thank you for choosing our electronic store for this order and we wish to heartily apologise from you for the poor services and unprofessional nature of our deliveries. We sincerely regret for the inconveniences that has caused to you.

We at James Electronic Store aim to ensure customer satisfaction and deliveries of high quality electrical products. We owe our deepest apologies to such an esteemed customer like you, with a promise that such kind of delay shall not happen again in future. Due to the change in the staff team and unavailability of the products that you ordered, we could not deliver your products as on the stated deadline. We should have informed you about the delay and we ended up taking it in a casual manner. We are truly sorry for this issue and we assure you that this will never happen again.

You being our privileged customer, we are presenting you a discount of 20% on all the electronic products and equipments. We deeply value the relationship we have with you and we will do our best to eliminate the problems that you experienced.

Thanking you.


Leo Paul


James Electronics Store

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