Birthday Letter to My Girlfriend

To my true love Martha,

A very happy birthday to my dearest darling! It is that time of the year again when we will together light a candle on your cake. Your birthday is a special day for me too as this day made it possible for me to have an angel like you. Dearest girlfriend, I really love you!

Your birthday is a day filled with wonderful memories, moments of giggles and laughter, smiles and happiness. Baby, on your birthday I will stand by your side and see you blowing the candles and make a wonderful wish. I would silently pray that your wishes come true beyond all of your wildest dreams. I feel so lucky and proud to have you all through.

On your birthday, I would not miss an opportunity to let you know that you are a joy of my life. I assure you that I would marry you soon and would make you my wife. I would work day and night to see you happy. I will assure that the precious smile forever stay on your face.

I am sure that we will together celebrate many more birthdays and mark many more memories to stick in our albums.

Happy Birthday sweetheart!


Leonardo Joe

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