Business Letter Format

________________ [name of the recipient]

________________ [designation of the recipient]


________________ [name and address of the business organisation]

___________ [mention the date on which the letter is being written]

SUBJECT:  (A short and precise statement of the subject of the business letter is to be mentioned)

Respected Mr/Ms _______ [Salutation – type the recipient’s name along with Mr/Ms, or other relevant salutation]


Paragraph 1: Introduce your letter. Here write the purpose of writing your business letter. Mention the references, if any. The sender is required to start his or her letter in a catchy manner to ensure the interest of the reader.

Paragraph2: Elaborate the purpose behind addressing your business letter. Mention the key issues, problems, solutions, conversations etc related to your business letter. Extend your letter to mention important facts, information or other related data about your purpose.

Paragraph3: This is your closing paragraph. Here conclude your letter by mentioning your contact details or other relevant data. This paragraph extends sender’s request, thankfulness, gratitude etc in a short manner. The details of the enclosed documents are also mentioned in this paragraph.

Finish and finalise your business letter with an accurate word such as sincerely, faithfully, respectfully etc.

_______ [Signature (optional)]

___________ [name of the sender]

___________ [designation of the sender]

___________ [sender’s address]

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